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Senior survey: In 20 years ____ will be ____
Tara Connick
Seniors revealed where they see their friends in 20 years and more in The Marquee’s senior edition, which is available on

These answers were part of our senior edition, which was released in May 2020. The full issue can be found here

“People will (still) be mixing up Shreena and Preena” — Katie Mann

“In 20 years, Madi Olivier will be a genius working at the CDC” — Ayra Charania

“Alex Warren will be the cool mom with all the good snacks” — Riley Vaughn

“Robots will be cooking my food and driving me around” — Joy Yang

“A corporate lawyer and wine mom living in Spain” — Nikhita Ragam

“Julia Campopiano better be famous, or I’m suing the music industry. The whole thing” — Renee Gomez

“Sam Thornfelt will be doing what she loves” — Madeline Cherry

“Nuss will be signing my agency checks” — Jordan Litten

“Josh Condon will be in love with Bailey still” — Allie Crinklaw

Bella Fortino will be rich and beautiful.

— Bella Fortino

“Sarah Saleem will be president!” — Carol Anne Starks

“Sam Coad will be a father” — Sam Coad

“Julia Campopiano will be as famous as Ariana Grande, but better” — Abigail Frantz

“Devansh Dalal will be fathering 10 kids” — Dahlia Clark

“Mrs. Karbs will be my mother-in-law” — Miranda Lutterbei

“Ellie Smrstik will be living in the New England area, with three kids and a job as a first grade teacher” — Caitlin Kinder

“Taylor Bryan will have her own fashion line” — Bella Whitesell

“Adriana Pueskens will be my neighbor and fellow D.C. wine mom” — Sam Thornfelt

“Savannah Decrow will be famous” — Sadie Riestenberg

“Aryel Jacques will be famous” — Delayna Darvin

“Renee Gomez will be a writing god living under a bridge with her wife” — Destiny Simpson

“It will be 2040” — Grant Papazian

“Katelyn Harvey will be living in a tree probably” — Natalie Bonner

“Tomas Pondeca will be smashing other soccer teams and living lavishly” — Ben Contreras

“Zeke Dayton will be hopefully known for something” — Zeke Camden Dayton

“MMFC will be undefeated state champs 20 years in a row and counting” — Emma Janeway

“Lauren Szlosek will be the democratic nominee” — Lauren Herba

“Albir Rifati will be the coolest person ever” — Albir Rifati

“Landon Bradley will be a conductor for a really amazing college choir” — Julia Campopiano

“Trump will be out of office” — Brigit Reese

“Taylor Bryan will be TikTok famous” — Allison Leone

“Allie Crinklaw will be still not over her ex” — Bailey Roden

“LA Herba will be the wine aunt to my children” — Claire Reader

“My friends will be living their best and healthy lives” — Justice Douse

Remi Dzwolak will be drinking sweet tea with me.

— Peyton Gibbs

“Tatum Hines will have her own reality TV show” — Lauren Szlosek

“Zach Hudson will be married to Alsa Khan” — Celine Tobias

“Shalina will be married to the game of football” — Hayden Phillips

“Landon Brandley will be teaching music” — Patrick Bevins

“Bella Fortino will be rich and beautiful ” — Bella Fortino

“Ari Jeter will be living next door to me and teaching at the same elementary school with me” — Bailey Tadolini

“Risha Bhuta will be still killing every TikTok dance” — Annette Nguyen

“Chaitanya will be president” — Kaitlyn Reichenberger

“Life will be wherever it has taken me” — Erik Nibarger

“Mia Taylor-Fitzgerald will be giving me a new pair of lungs” — Shalina Sabih

“Shalina Sabih will be filming for the NFL. And will be my wife. Just sayin’!” — Jadan Ruckdeschel

“Apple will be a world power” — Mary Handley

“Joy Yang will be a nurse” — Lauryn Walters

“Chaitanya FC will be competing for their 10th consecutive MLS Championship” — Garrett Karbs

“Mr. Davis will still be teaching choir kids about solfege” — Kendall Bailey

“Straws will be banned” — Nathan Tonti

“Ryan LaFollette will be a world famous rockabilly singer” — Michael Minton

“Morgan Lyons will be the most successful person I know” — Tatiana Beach

“Skye Hoffman will own her own business” — Cameron Neustupa

“Julia Campopiano will be a famous singer/songwriter” — Morgan Mayers

“Serina Patel will be the funniest doctor on earth” — Jenna Hauck

“Morgan Lyons will be a rocket scientist” — Victoria Cheshire

“Marissa Altshuler will be teaching at the same elementary school I do” — Nancy Benitez

“Sam Thornfelt will be the next Charli D’Amelio” — Emily McLeod

“Our planet will be screwed” — Miguel Elliott

“America will be a socialist country” — Addison Eads

“Peyton Gibbs will be president” — Remi Dzwolak

“Sarah Hill will be an astronaut” — Sarah Wilson

“Julia Campopiano will be famous” — Sierra Scott

Katelyn Harvey will be living in a tree probably.

— Natalie Bonner

“Remi Dzwolak will be drinking sweet tea with me” — Peyton Gibbs

“The hallway cockroaches will still be there” — Emma Eidmann

“Mai-An Nguyen will be happy and rich” — Mai-An Nguyen

“Emily Mcleod will be TikTok famous” — Adriana Pueskens

“Noah will be a stay at home dad” — Noah Kirkpatrick

“My family will be in the future” — Logan Pasion

“Zoria Lilly will be a pharmaceutical technician” — Aaron Guerra

“Meatball will have opened his own restaurant named “Meatball’s Shack” — Ethan Barr

“Savannah will be on Broadway” — Logan Collins

“My kids will be friends with Logan’s kids” — Gwyneth Glanton

“Brooke will be a veterinarian” — Ashlynn Mays

“Ryan Glenn will be famous” — Aynslee Barber

“Shalina Sabih will be a NFL wife” — Chloe Hudson

“John Wegendt will be an NFL kicker” — Andrew Wegendt

“Logan Collins will be the Head Director at Marcus High School” — Riley Vaughn

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Tara Connick, Managing Editor
Tara Connick is a senior and this is her third year on staff. She’s a designer but also has a soft-spot for photography. She spends most of her time in front of her computer stressing over fonts and layouts in the back newsroom while drinking way too many energy drinks or iced coffees, but when Hale finally kicks her out you can find her going on hikes or changing up her hair... again. Tara is so excited to be this year’s managing editor and see staff create amazing content in unprecedented ways.

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