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Senior survey: My secret crush
Tara Connick
Seniors revealed their secret crush and more in The Marquee’s senior edition, which is available on

These answers were part of our senior edition, which was released in May 2020. The full issue can be found here

“Emily McLeod” — Hayden Self

“Hayden Self” — Emily McLeod

“Remi Dzwolak” — Peyton Gibbs

“Not a secret but Joseph Tiller” — Claire Reader

“Meg Thee Stallion” — Jordan Litten

“Chance Castleberry” — Sadie Riestenberg

“Ellie Smrstik” — Nathan Tonti

“Maxwell Holt” — Autumn Dodson

“Kaya Roof” — Ben Contreras

Tara Connick

“Garrett Karbs” — Lauren Szlosek

“My boyfriend” — Madalin Dotzel

“Andrew Korber” — Hayden Phillips

“Corey Taylor” — Parker Bastie

“Collin Sutherland or Jake Ballard” — Bella Whitesell

“Matthew Heare” — Victoria Cheshire

“Chaitanya Bashyam” — Hana Ajam

“Riley Laplante (heart eyes)” — Emma Janeway

“Marc the Marauder” — Madeline Cherry

“Ethan Lee” — Allison Leone

“Bryce Fenton” — Bailey Roden

“Mai-An Nguyen” — Albir Rifati

“Stone Raunam” — Arianne Van Der Stuyf

“Liam” — Kendall Bailey

“Carson Moseley lol” — Natalie Bonner

“Dana Paponette” — Addison Eads

“My boyfriend” — Mia Taylor-Fitzgerald

“Pierce McCaffrey” — Lauren Herba

“Carson Germany” — Chloe Hudson

“Alsa Kahn” — Garrett Karbs

“Annie Beth Clark” — Justice Douse

“I don’t have ‘secrets'” — Miguel Elliott

“Kendall Bailey” — Abigail Frantz

“Renee Gomez” — Destiny Simpson

“Piper Hemperly” — Ethan Barr

“You don’t know her, she goes to a different school” — Grant Papazian

“Bella Fortino” — Bella Fortino

“Ryan Vaughan” — Sarah Wilson

“Ashleigh Jooste” — Dahlia Clark

“William Swigart” — Mary Handley

“My girlfriend, Destiny Simpson” — Renee Gomez

“Ashton Owen” — Noah Kirkpatrick

“My Phan” — Mai-An Luu Nguyen

“I’ll ask my girlfriend” — Patrick Bevins

“Mark Roby” — Riley Vaughn

“David Dobrik” — Nancy Benitez

“Amanda Foust” — Carol Anne Starks

“Timothée Chalamet” — Logan Collins

“Myself” — Noe Morales

“Chaitanya” — Preslie Hutcherson

“Jamie Scheetz” — Brittyn Halbert

“Chaitanya Bashyam” — Celine Tobias

“My boyfriend” — Sydney Linquist

“The lunch cookies” — Gwyneth Glanton

Marc the Marauder.

— Madeline Cherry

“Maysen, Emma and Shelby” — Harvey Castro

“Armie Hammer” — Nikhita Ragam

“Steve Harvey (he’ll understand when he sees this)” — Shalina Sabih

“Cole Pulsipher” — Allie Crinklaw

“Olivia O’Brian” — Adam Matthews

“That’s a secret I’ll never tell” — Sierra Scott

“Morgan Pasieka” — Cameron Neustupa

“Pete Buttigieg” — Brigit Reese

“Garrett Karbs” — Miranda Lutterbei

“Shalina Sabih (not so secret) (friendzoned) (simping)” — Jadan Ruckdeschel

“Han Solo” — Emma Eidmann

“The guy I pass in the hallway” — Lauryn Walters

“JJ Watt” — Aynslee Barber

“Myself” — Cade Maner

“Carson Meyer” — Tatum Green

“Noah Soqui without a doubt. But I’m pretty everyone knew that already” — Caitlin Kinder

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Tara Connick
Tara Connick, Managing Editor
Tara Connick is a senior and this is her third year on staff. She’s a designer but also has a soft-spot for photography. She spends most of her time in front of her computer stressing over fonts and layouts in the back newsroom while drinking way too many energy drinks or iced coffees, but when Hale finally kicks her out you can find her going on hikes or changing up her hair... again. Tara is so excited to be this year’s managing editor and see staff create amazing content in unprecedented ways.

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