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LISD Holds November Bond Election

Residents vote on bonds to provide district with additional funds

iPads are now an essential part of campus. In recent years, students have become accustomed to a school life with technology. However, if the Nov. 7  Bond election isn’t passed, a future with iPads and other school funded resources could be jeopardized.

The state legislature has not increased school funding since 2019, despite rising costs, and as a result, LISD faces a $48M deficit budget. The school district is looking to the community to help with school funds.

Residents within LISD boundaries will have the opportunity to vote on six bonds in the upcoming election that will give the district additional funds to support essential programs and repairs. The bond will fund general maintenance, technology, and athletic facilities.

For the past couple of years, students have had one-on-one access to technological tools and iPads. For some, this level of technology is all they know. Sophomore Magan Popli hardly remembers a time when all her assignments were solely paper and pencil-based. 

“I’ve had my school iPad since third grade, and I’ve been using it for a long time, and it’s a part of my normal life now,” Popli said. 

State funding for technology is based on the district’s daily attendance. They receive $6160 per student per year. However, for LISD to maintain their current technology, the district spends approximately $10,000 per student. 

For LISD’s Director of Communications Samantha FitzPatrick, ensuring every student has access to technology is important as it helps enhance their school life.

“LISD values the use of technology throughout our student’s educational experiences,” FitzPatrick said. “Ninety eight percent of LISD students have an LISD-issued technology device, making lessons engaging and visually appealing through interactive displays, educational apps, online textbooks, and different multimedia platforms.”

As funds for iPads are on the line, senior Isaac Ludlam concerns have increased. Evans has become dependent on technology.

“It’s gotten to the point where I use my iPad for every class, and I never have a pencil on me. I’m very dependent,” Ludlam said. “Without technology it would be a mess.”

Maintenance is the largest part of the bond. LISD is seeking a total of $960,577,000 towards repairs and renovations to LISD campuses. This includes safety tools and security equipment like fire alarms, cybersecurity, and phone systems. The district will also upgrade cameras, weapons detection scanners and power supplies. 

Ensuring that equipment runs smoothly is highly important for Sophomore Addyson Garland. 

“Safety tools are used everywhere, and give the general public calm of mind,” Garland said. “By taking the funding away from these devices, people will begin to feel uneasy.”

Another large proposal in the Bond Election is the funding of the indoor multipurpose athletics center, better known as the MAC, home to pep rallies, indoor sporting events, and training facilities for athletes. The district hopes to spend over $130 million on maintaining and improving these facilities. 

Sophomore softball player Lara Makkapati said she loves the MAC because it is used for many different activities. 

“I remember one time, we were doing conditioning for softball, and then the girls wrestling was also doing conditioning and then volleyball was also on the court,” Makkapati said. 

Other bond-funded programs include the athletics department. The athletics department allows students to participate in the sports they love. The district plans to spend $31,376,000 dollars on maintenance, repairs and renovations at athletics facilities. This includes locker rooms and field houses. The district will also improve tennis courts, baseball and softball facilities, and concession areas. 

For sophomore soccer player Macy Doan, the athletics program has allowed her to create a sense of belonging and placement at school.

“When you’re in an athletic program you’re more involved with the patriotism of the school,” Doan said.  “I feel like if I wasn’t in any sports, I wouldn’t really know much about anything that goes on at Marcus,” Doan said.

As election day is nearing, FitzPatrick emphasized the importance of voting.

“It is very important for LISD residents to vote during any election and make their voice heard,” FitzPatrick said. 

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