Marquette annual spring show celebrates 40 years


Avery Jerina

Marquettes line up before the beginning of the pep rally on March 2.

 The Marquettes are having a Spring Show to commemorate their 40th anniversary from April 7-9. The show will be in the MAC at 7 p.m.. 

Marquette director Alice Dack has been director for the past 17 years. She said that this year’s show focuses on the people behind the team.

“It takes a village for a program to be successful,” Dack said.

Marquette captain and senior Holly Stewart said that the team has emphasized celebrating the past over the last year.

“This year is all about having a good year and celebrating everything,” Stewart said. “We remind ourselves that this team is bigger than just us.”

The show’s theme is Trans40med. According to Dack, this means they will be performing songs and dance choreography from their past shows.

“We have different songs that represent different things, like the seniors are dancing to something about footsteps and leaving that legacy,” Dack said.

To represent the evolution of the Marquettes’ uniforms over the years, Dack said that a Marquette mom created six replicas of old uniforms. They will be displayed with yearbook pictures of the old alumni.

Dack said that the purpose of the Spring show is to showcase the alumni and the legacy that they have left behind. 

“This team is not what it is today because of who we are today,” Dack said. “It’s because of what everybody has brought before us.”

Between each dance at the Spring show, there is a video shown. This year, a Marquette alumni has created a video that interviewed alumni and introduced the different dance pieces and how they connect to the theme of their anniversary. 

On April 12, the Denton County Commissioners Court will also do a formal proclamation thanking the Marquettes for 40 years of service. Dack said that the judge will read an official proclamation that will be framed. This proclamation will honor the legacy and alumni that have paved the way for Marquettes.

Dack said that their tight knit community have greatly impacted her and the Marquettes.

“That feeling of home have a goal of reaching past yourself with a group of people besides you that you can count on,” Dack said.