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Vista Ridge rebrand

Local shopping center given second chance as Music City Mall

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The Vista Ridge mall in Lewisville recently changed ownership and has taken on a new name. The 28-year-old mall was purchased by Investment Corporation of America (ICA) Properties and renamed Music City Mall.

Part of the plan to rebrand the mall includes turning it into a place where teenagers can enjoy hanging out. The developers plan to do this by adding live music and entertainment throughout each day.

This would include local school groups and two self-playing baby grand pianos. They also plan to add a few movable stages to host fashion shows and talent contests for teens.
“We’ve already had multiple music performances by different people,” Richard Morton, the mall’s general manager said.


Before the change in ownership, the mall suffered a decline in customers. Vista Ridge hasn’t been successful since summer of 2011 according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. Due to the lack of consumer activity, a majority of the malls previously occupied stores had to leave their reserved space. Morton said Vista Ridge was in desperate need for changes to turn it around.
“For various reasons over time the perception is that there is not much going on at Vista Ridge,” Morton said. “We want this mall to be the one that everyone goes to.”

The new owner, businessman John Bushman, runs the family-owned ICA and wants to revamp the site to give it a new look, similar to a mall he purchased in Odessa. Since ICA took on that project, the mall’s rating has now improved to at least four stars on multiple review sites.

Bushman said there are changes coming outside the mall as well. The ICA plans to add its signature 800 pound stone tablet that displays the biblical 10 Commandments at the front entrance.
“We’re not trying to overwhelm anyone or make a statement. We just believe in the Lord’s love,” Bushman said. “There was no question that the 10 Commandments would also become part of this mall.”
Although there are still many active stores, 28 percent of the malls space is currently unoccupied. One of ICA’s main goals is to attract tenants and raise the amount of successful businesses. But the mall’s feature stores will continue to be Dillard’s and JcPenny’s.

Freshman Jonas Shroder, who currently shops at Frisco Stonebriar, said the new renovations could impact where he chooses to shop. “I grew up going to Vista Ridge as child,” Shroder said. “Now that the mall is undergoing changes, I’d love to shop someplace closer to home.”

James Kunke, Community Relations and Tourism Manager for the city of Lewisville, says that local shoppers will benefit from a high quality mall. “Little touches such as upgrading interior spaces and even the Christmas decorations that went up can make the mall a more inviting space,” Kunke said.

There also has been some discussion about the city and mall working together. Lewisville plans to assist them by spreading the word to residents and visitors about the retail and entertainment at Music City Mall.

“City officials are ready to work with mall management to help make the property successful,” Kunke said. “This city deserves a great place to shop that’s close to home.”

After January, ICA will be showcasing signs across Vista Ridge with the mall’s new name. At that time various stores will be making their debut as well. “We plan to be here for the long haul,” Bushman said. “We’re going to invest in this mall.”

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Vista Ridge rebrand