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Hanging out on a budget


Have you ever texted your friends asking to hang out and gotten hit with the text, “well what should we do?” What is there to actually do? Plans may be thrown into the group chat about brunch, local concerts and parties.

 Even though the ideas are fun in theory, there’s one common problem: almost all the plans are too expensive. This guide will help people who don’t have any money find low-budget, Instagram worthy hangouts. 


Theme Party


A themed party is an excuse for all your friends to get dolled up without blowing all your money on concert tickets just to dress up. The first step is to pick a theme, which will make it a serious party. 

Second, decorations! Even though we’re on a budget, we’re still going for the Pinterest girly vibe, even if it only looks like that in pictures. Ask all of your friends to bring any old birthday or past party decorations and stop by the dollar tree for some last minute items. The main areas to decorate are the living room and kitchen, no one should be going anywhere else lol.

To stay organized, create a spreadsheet of the appetizers, entrees, and desserts for people to sign up for and hope that people will actually fill it out without the host having to badger them. Third, set up! Roll out the tablecloth onto the kitchen countertop, set out the food, and hang up the decorations for your themed party. Make sure to play a hype playlist or one that fits the mood, or you’ll bring down the vibe of the party. Last, enjoy with your friends and hope that the pictures that you take are Instagram worthy. 


Movie Night In

Grab your fuzziest blankets, push your couch together, and chuck the throw pillows onto the ground. Switch on the TV and choose between a slew of old classics (“Clueless” is undoubtedly the best one) or a cheesy Hallmark movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix.  

If you and your friends want to revisit some of your childhood favorite movies, this is the perfect time to do it and not be judged for it even though you watch them secretly in your bedroom.

But what’s a movie night without snacks to mindlessly munch on? Make it stress-free on the host by telling everyone to bring a $5 or less snack from Target. Chocolate covered pretzels and popcorn with M&M’s drizzled are my personal favorites. Make a mini ice cream bar with all your favorite flavors and lay out an assortment of toppings from candy to french fries. 


Baking Night In

Everyone knows that Nothing Bundt cakes are the best dessert out there. Only maybe behind the Target frosted cookies. But, after a while, it’s nice to feel accomplished by baking a homemade treat and letting the sweet aroma of vanilla extract and chocolate fill your house. 

This is also a great way to include your friends with dietary restrictions and attempt to make yummy gluten free cookies and lactose free cake.

 Let’s be real though, it tastes the best when you follow the recipe without having to use applesauce as a substitute. My personal favorite is confetti cupcakes and grabbing gel icing to draw all over them. To elevate the experience, set up a topping station with a bunch of candy, icing, and ice cream and bake to your heart’s desire, but really your stomach’s lol.


Plan Out A Picnic

As spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to step out as the sun warms you. Go to sunset point in Lakeside and fan out a weighted blanket. If you want to go farther, visit the Grapevine botanical gardens or the Dallas arboretum. But make sure to give the driver gas money. Remember, we’re trying to be budget friendly for everyone, not only the non-driving friends! 

Bring a couple of old throw pillows and snacks on a cheap charcuterie board you made with your friends using Ritz crackers, cheese, and packaged fruit. Dress in your favorite floral dress or suit and sit back and relax as you feel the warmth hit your face and the silent sounds of the parks. Grab some of your favorite board games like Catan, Jenga, and Clue to pass the time. Turn up your speaker and jam out for the rest of the night listening to old 2000s music. 

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Aishani Raju, Business Manager/Reporter
Aishani Raju (she/her) is a senior and a second year reporter on the Marquee. You’ll probably see her reading up on the latest mystery novels or blasting SZA and Harry Styles in the car. If you don’t find her constantly out hiking or doing anything outdoorsy, she’ll be at home attempting to cook up new recipes. She’s looking forward to bonding with the staff this year and having a great year!

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