Last minute Halloween costumes

Finding a good Halloween costume might seem like a time consuming task, but there are several options that you can make at home within minutes and still look at cool as someone wearing a store-bought costume.

Arthur Read

Kaitlyn Hughes  You can embody the iconic Arthur meme with materials found around your house or at a local craft store.

This costume would be easy to identify because of its popularity stemming from the cartoon and the viral meme.

Materials needed:

1. Headband

2. Pink and brown felt

3. Hot glue

Creating the felt ears:

1. Cut out brown half ovals and tear drop shapes out of the pink felt.

2. Glue the pink pieces to the brown ones and then glue it all to the headband so they stick up like Arthur’s ears.

3. The rest of the outfit you may already have at home, and if not they will be easy to pick up at a local store or thrift shop. All you need to recreate Arthur’s iconic outfit are a pair of glasses frames, jeans, red shoes, a white collared top and a yellow sweater. All together you have a costume of an easily identifiable character and meme for you to rock on Halloween.


Fly Guy

Kaitlyn Hughes This Fly Guy costume will is sure to be a favorite on Halloween.

This costume is known as the wacky inflatable man with flailing arms outside of car dealerships and is great if you want an easy but unique costume.

Materials needed:

1. Scissors

2. Two laundry baskets (or how ever many you need for it to be comfortable for your height)

3. White, black and whatever color felt your laundry baskets are

Creating the body:

1. The laundry hamper will be used to create the body of the fly guy.

2. The first hamper will go over your head.

3. Cut the bottom off of the second hamper and use your choice of adhesive to connect it to the first laundry hamper.

Creating the eyes:

1. Cut ovals out of the white and black felt.

2. Place and glue the felt on the body.

3. Cut holes where your eyes can see through the hamper.

4. Use felt to make sleeves that go far past your hands so you can flail your arms just like your inflatable inspiration.


Kaitlyn Hughes If you’re really pressed for time, grab a sharpie and an old t-shirt for this clever costume.

Error 404: Costume not found

This costume is great if you only have five minutes to put it together before you have to take your siblings trick-or-treating.

 Materials needed:

1. White shirt

2. Black sharpie

The rest of the outfit can be whatever you want. The only step for this costume is to write ‘Error 404 costume not found’ on the shirt and enjoy Halloween, even if you don’t technically have a costume on.