Review: That’s the tea

Reviews on tea shops around town

Editor’s note: this story was named as an honorable mention for print entertainment reviews in the ILPC contest. 


Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5

Kaitlyn Hughes Sukoon’s tea was delicious and had the right amount of flavor. 

1288 W Main Street #142 Lewisville, TX 75067 

Sukoon has a homey, cozy ambiance with lots of lighting and comfortable seating. It has a family friendly atmosphere and the option of indoor and outdoor seating. The staff is friendly and welcomes each guest with a smile. Quiet and spacious, it also makes a great study spot. The matcha latte was a tasty tea with a distinct flavor that wasn’t overpowering, and it pairs well with their sweet scones. A regular matcha latte is $4.09. Sukoon also offers sandwiches, cheesecakes, muffins and cookies to compliment their drinks. Although very tasteful, the tea options are limited, so the variety may not fit what every customer is looking for.



Price: $$$

Rating: 4/5

701 Cross Timbers Rd Flower Mound, TX 75028

Kaitlyn Hughes Starbucks is a classic spot to get drinks, and their tea is sweet and refreshing. 

Starbucks is often known for their coffee, but Teavana at Starbucks carries a variety of tea options. Teavana’s teas are sweeter than most, but are refreshing, making them good for cooling down on a hot day. Their iced guava white tea is fruity and tastes like a sip of summer for only $3.52. Not only do they carry this tasty tea, but they offer matcha, black and peach teas for people with many different drink preferences. Starbucks is great for hanging out due to a variety of seating, drink options and food that ranges from breakfast to dinner. However, because of its popularity, Starbucks can become very crowded and loud, so it is not the best option for students looking for a quiet study spot.


Edison Coffee Co.

Price: $$$

Rating: 4/5

420 Parker Square Rd Flower Mound, TX 75028

Kaitlyn Hughes Edison Coffee Co. offers refreshing tea with a distinct flavor. 

For people who don’t have a sweet tooth, the iced crescent green tea at Edison’s is perfect. The tea was flavorful, but not too sweet- a neutral taste that fits the studious feel of the cafe. An iced crescent green tea is $3.50, which is pretty cheap for a refreshing drink. Edison’s is decorated with hanging baskets of plants, and has lots of natural light, plenty of comfortable seating options and low-fi music in the background. It is a great place for students to get their work done and have a drink. You can taste the herbs and because Edison’s has a distinct flavor in their teas, it is a unique option for many students. However, their tea might be a bit bitter for some students’ liking.



Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5

2940 Justin Rd Unit 100 Highland Village, TX 75077

Kaitlyn Hughes Teaholic is a trendy spot with a wide variety of teas. 

Teaholic has many tea options — customers can choose between milky or fruity teas with the option to include add-ins like boba and fruit jelly. They can also choose how sweet they want their tea. Teaholic has trendy decor such as benches and neon signs for students who wish to show off pictures of them with their drinks. Their long tables that seat many, but there is limited individual seating. Their mango twist tea is $4.50 and worth the price. It includes mango jelly and is light, fruity and refreshing. Teaholic is a restaurant and has delicious meal options such as tom kha soup and shrimp fried rice available to customers who are still hungry after a drink. The variety of options and focus on tea is a specialty of Teaholic that attracts customers to this new restaurant.