The Magnificent Seven review


From Psycho to Ben Hur, remakes of movies are notorious for the injustice they do to their typically box office-busting predecessor. However, the recent reboot of the 1960 film The Magnificent Seven pays a perfect homage to the movie that inspired it.

The 2016 The Magnificent Seven has taken obvious inspiration from the original film, but rebranded it in it’s own right. The Magnificent Seven is named for a rag tag group of unlikely heroes, each precisely cast. Chisolm, played by Denzel Washington, leads people like a lone cowboy handy with a gun (Chris Pratt) and a former Confederate soldier (Ethan Hawke). Each character is effectively developed throughout the movie. The audience forms a connection with every cast member, making it even more sad when a character meets their untimely end.

The movie takes place in the wild west. It nicely showcases the natural features of Arizona and New Mexico but doesn’t take full advantage of the natural light, as done in movies like The Revenant. There are no overly done Hollywood style sets, keeping true to the rustic nature of the film.

Although simple, The Magnificent Seven brings a new twist to westerns. It appeals to boths those who enjoyed the 1960 version, and newer moviegoers.