Scout Lee, 12

November 29, 2021

6:30 a.m.

The alarm clock rings once, possibly twice. The loud alarm makes senior Scout Lee’s migraine even more unbearable. She staggers to the bathroom to brush her teeth and shower. She can’t let her migraine control her day.

After she’s ready, she drives to Quik Trip to get her usual: a strong black coffee with vanilla to get through the long day. She arrives at school at 7:45 a.m., just enough time to hang out with her friends.

For Scout, it’s difficult to talk with friends while her head continues to hurt. The lights in the room appear more harsh than usual. She tries to concentrate on the words coming out of her friend’s mouth but she’s unable.

Scout is taking AP Chemistry, Photography and AP Art. In each class she has the same problem. She tries to focus on what the teacher is explaining on the board, but her mind wanders. The board in front of her disappears and all she can do is think about the pain.

“Sitting up is difficult enough so to be able to complete a task is really difficult,” Scout said.

Senior Scout Lee often gets too little sleep due to her chronic migraines and heavy workload. (Avery Jerina)

Since Scout has senior out, she leaves after AP art for home. She eats lunch quickly because she needs to drive her sister to the gym and get to work before 3:40. Scout teaches preschool gymnastics and coaches competitive gymnastics.

Classes go on from 3:40-8:30 p.m. Scout eats dinner and doesn’t begin homework until 10:30.

“I get ready for bed, but I actually don’t go to bed until a lot later because I have to do homework,” Scout said.

Scout tries to remain awake to finish everything but it’s hard while her migraine persists. Going to bed is tempting, but she continues so she won’t have to catch up on loads of work the next day. She manages to complete all her homework, but she’s missed hours of sleep.

Scout’s migraines will sometimes last for days or weeks on end. During that time, she sometimes misses school for multiple days.

“The longest migraine I’ve had was 23 days in a row,” Scout said.

Scout takes different prescription medications to help diminish the pain, but she said that they don’t always work.

It’s difficult to go to school with a migraine, but it is even worse without enough sleep.

But Scout continues to push through regardless. With or without sleep, she still makes it through the day.

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