Kaitlyn Hughes

Sophomore Suhani Gajera copes with stress by dancing. Comparing herself to others gives her the motivation to work harder.

Suhani Gajera, 10

How do you cope with stress?

“I think doing something that you really like doing. In my life it’s dance, so I guess that’s just a stress reliever.”

Do your parents have expectations for you?

“Their expectations are the expectations that I’ve set for myself too, so it’s not really affecting me that much because I know that I have to live up to that. It’s my goals, not just what they want.”

 What aspects of school worsen your stress?

“I definitely think that the people you’re surrounded by can really affect your stress.”

How often do you compare yourself to those around you? How does this affect you?

“It motivates me to work harder. If I don’t work too hard or don’t do too well on this, they’re going to get ahead of me, so I should push myself.”

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