Kaitlyn Hughes

Junior Javier Buendia's biggest stressor when it comes to school is tests. He constantly finds himself in competition with his friends academically.

Javier Buendia, 11

Do your parents have expectations for you?

“My parents have high expectations. For the most part I just try to live up to it, but I don’t let it bother me too much. I just try to ignore that part.”

 What aspects of school worsen your stress?

“The tests. [In] some classes, 70 percent of the grade is the test, so if you don’t pass that test or don’t get a high enough grade, it doesn’t matter how good you do on everything else, the daily grades, the quizzes or the homework.”

How often do you compare yourself to those around you? How does this affect you?

“My friends are all pretty competitive grade-wise, so I always try to do better than them. It’s constant competition.”

 Do you feel the need to hide your stress?

“I don’t really like to let my parents see it because if I’m stressing, that makes my parents stressed and if they’re stressed, it’s not very good.”

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