Meet the mascot – John Creley

The mascot is an iconic part of school history, and can be seen at almost every pep rally and sporting event. However, most students don’t know who is actually in the suit. Get to know the person in the costume, senior John Creley.

What’s it like being the school mascot? 

“One of the most challenging things about being the school mascot was definitely the social anxiety of it, there’s a lot of it in the job. There’s a lot of fun interactions, especially with kids, sometimes parents. Just seeing that and being able to help with the school morale is what makes up the whole of the job.”


How did you get involved? 

“Originally I did not want the position, I got involved as a part of [the Red Nation] crew, and the crew instructor, Ms. Strauss, asked somebody to be the mascot and I stepped up to that.”

What’s it like being the mascot at games, pep rallies, etc? 

“It’s definitely hot, I have to take fifteen minute breaks. It’s hot, a lot of noises are coming in, it’s really hard to perceive what’s going on at those games in the suit, but it’s rewarding.”

How long have you been the mascot? 

“Ever since the start of the 2018-2019 year.”

What’s the funniest or craziest thing that’s happened to you while in costume? 

“Probably the weirdest thing would be the one time I ate a bunch of Taco Bell before I had to do the suit. I was feeling absolutely sick and so every five minutes I’d have to go back, and for some reason the person that was helping me was laughing at me the entire time.”

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about being the mascot?

“It’s actually very demanding work, especially during the early hours of being in it, it’s very hot.”

What’s it like having the mascot be such a big part of school culture, but not many people know it’s you?

“It’s obviously a job that’s more well known for the reward of it rather than the actually doing the tasks, but overall I’d say I like the position for it being that way.”

What’s your favorite part about being the mascot? 

“My favorite part is definitely doing the pre-school traditions we would have as crew, we’d all get food at Whataburger, that would usually be [my] favorite part of it. I ended up regretting it later being all hot and everything.”