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Senior survey: Teacher I’ll miss the most and why
Tara Connick
Seniors revealed the teacher they will miss the most and more in The Marquee’s senior edition, which is available on

These answers were part of our senior edition, which was released in May 2020. The full issue can be found here

“Mrs. Sudderth because she was always helpful and sweet” — Jordan Litten

“Coach Reinberg because he is always a positive energy and is passionate about his work” — Autumn Dodson

“Mrs. Petkoff because she is the best” — Brigit Reese

“Mrs. Forthun. Her kindness always made my days brighter” — Michael Minton

“Mrs. Lawrence, she is always super nice and encourages me to be great at everything” — Kaitlyn Reichenberger

“Mrs. Dack and Mrs. Hladky because Marquettes was the best” — Lauren Szlosek

“Mrs. Wilson, she’s the only teacher I can cry in front of and not be judged” — Riley Vaughn

“Mr. Pollone, he is the best math teacher in the school without a doubt” — Cameron Neustupa

“Mr. Sudbrook because he always made me laugh” — Bailey Roden

Ms. Mudd because she helped me find my love for theatre again.

— Justice Douse

“Mr. Howard because he’s the best ever” — Morgan Mayers

“Coach Peña because I spent a lot of fun memories with him” — Andrew Wegendt

“Mr. Poe, just because it was the best class I ever had” — Ryan Poles

“Mrs. Vancleve, because she was the best food science teacher out there” — Zeke Camden Dayton

“Mr. Hovde because he is super cool and always had a trick up his sleeve” — Jenna Hauck

“I’ll miss so many teachers but I have got to give a shoutout to Mr. Aquino and Mrs. Brininstool because of the energy and care they brought to the classroom each day” — Harvey Castro

“Coach Reinberg because you can tell how much he loves his job and cares about his kids” — Tatum Green

“Mrs. Day because she has been a huge support system for me throughout high school” — Nikhita Ragam

“Ms. Mudd because she helped me find my love for theatre again” — Justice Douse

“Mr. Hovde, because his shaming keeps me in check” — Lauren Herba

“Mrs. Minich and Mrs. Jennings because they have been my biggest supporters in high school” — Adriana Pueskens

“Mrs. Guy because I would rant to her about everything” — Allison Leone

“Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Yonis, Mrs. Varin, Mrs. Kushnir, Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Sultanou, Mrs. VanCleve, Mrs. Gabel, Mr. Henderson, Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Fox” — Madalin Dotzel

“Major, because every day I walk past his Corvette, it encourages me to one day own one” — Emma Eidmann

“Ms. Olmstead because just knowing she existed kept me grounded” — Abigail Frantz

“Ms. Lambert, she is fun and cool and taught me a lot about theatre over the past four years” — Nathan Tonti

“Mr. Stoberel and Mrs. Petkoff, also Mrs. Frisella. All amazing and passionate about their classes!” — Tatiana Beach

“Mr. Crump because he was a funny guy and was very helpful” — Shalina Sabih

“Mrs. Talley because she was very calm and understanding” — Ryan Whitfield

“Mr. Pike, most well-rounded teacher” — Remi Dzwolak

“Mrs. Strauss because she was laid-back and really cool” — Parker Bastien

“Mrs. Forthun, she was a savage” — Morgan Lyons

Mr. Sherrill, making me laugh with his Sherrillisms.

— Joy Yang

“Ty Kelly, twinning with Hawaiian shirts” — Dahlia Clark

“Mr. Gillem because he always matched my sarcastic level” — Sarah Wilson

“Mrs. Sultanov” — Mai-An Luu Nguyen

“I can’t pick favorites… but probably Ms. Felan because she makes learning fun and she’s crazy (in a good way). Oh, and of course the substitute Mr. Richardson because he has a nice smile that brightens everyone’s day” — Hana Ajam

“Mr. Sudbrook, he always made pre-cal interesting and is easily the most helpful teacher here” — Ben Contreras

“Mrs. England because she was such an amazing teacher to me and would take the time to get to know her students. She was always there for me when I needed help. Also Mr. Detrick because he was super fun and goofy with his students and always there when we needed help with anything” — Bailey Tadolini

“Mrs. Strauss, she has definitely had the biggest impact on my life. I had her two years in a row for English and in that time we were able to become good friends and she pushed me to do better in a class I struggled at” — Hayden Self

“Coach Miller because she was always there for me and has my back ..Allie Crinklaw Mrs. Karbs because she taught me how to live fast and die young” — Celine Tobias

“Coach Dibiaso because he let us have Caprisun parties” — Riley Vaughn

“Mrs. Dodson” — Noah Kirkpatrick

“Ira Sherrill, he made my day every day” — Peyton Gibbs

“Mrs. Minch. I consider her my mentor, in faith, language arts, and boy problems. And in return, I babysit her precious kids. There is only one Nikki Minich” — Caitlin Kinder

“Mr. Davis, I have had all four years and he always made us feel valued. I will always miss his class as well as his funny personality” — Sierra Scot

“Mr. Gillem, because he was the best teacher ever” — Albir Rifati

“Ms. Scarbrough, she always pushed us to do our best, and she was always supportive of her students” — Aynslee Barber

“Mr. Howard and Mr. Davis, they were extremely helpful for me growing as a person. Coach Jund, Coach Lawrence and Coach Cartwright for helping me get tougher and be a better young man” — Patrick Bevins

“Ms. Lambert, I had her every school year” — Logan Pasion

“Mrs. Dack” — Bella Fortino

“Mr. Sherrill, making me laugh with his Sherrillisms” — Joy Yang

“Mr. Kelly, he is equal parts good teacher and comedian” — Emma Janeway

“Mrs. Regent because her sense of humor lights up my day every day” — Brittyn Halbert

“Strauss, always so fun” — Arianne Van Der Stuyf

“Mr. Poe, he always made it feel like everything would always be okay” — Mia Taylor-Fitzgerald

“Ms. Vancleve, we’re tight like velcro” — Grant Papazian

Mrs. Petkoff because she always let me use her microwave.

— Destiny Simpson

“The Hales for all they’ve done for me as both a student and a writer” — Sam Thornfelt

“Mrs. Varin because she puts up with me” — Mary Handley

“Nathan Allison because we went to Belize” — Miguel Elliott

“Mr. Pike, the way he taught made the most sense to me despite not being good at math” — Victoria Alonzo

“Mr. Sherrill, he is such a character” — Cade Maner

“Mr. Davis and Mr. Howard, I’ve been in choir with them all four years” — Kendall Bailey

“Mrs. Santos. I had been able to learn a lot from the four semesters I have been with her. Even though I was not the most interactive, I enjoyed every minute in Latin” — Marcus Anderson-Valencia

“Mr. Kelly during AP Euro because his lectures always woke me up and made me laugh in the morning” — Ayra Charania

“Minich and Jennings. It feels like they have the answers to everything and all of the love for their students” — Claire Reader

“Mr. Stoeberl because he is always positive and funny” — Lauryn Walters

“Ruth Scarbrough because she’s always understanding and there for advice” — Madeline Cherry

“Mr. Yost because he made my last semester of junior year amazing in Statistics. Even though our class was probably the worst for him, I enjoyed every second of it and he made it fun in every way possible” — Hayden Phillips

“Elizabeth Lambert because I’ll miss feeling special” — Logan Collins

“Mrs. Sudderth because she was an amazing teacher and now she is leaving too” — Gwyneth Glanton

“Mr. Sherrill because he’s my best friend” — Sarah Long

“Mr. Howard because he has the best memes and is an amazing director!” — Julia Campopiano

“Mr. Wagner because he treats us as adults because we are about to head off to college and Mrs. Schwolert was the nicest teacher on the face of the planet” — Erik Niborger

“Mr. Wagner, he was very encouraging and uplifting” — Annika Barry

“Kelly Sudderth because she changed my educational life” — Garrett Karbs

“Mrs. Sudderth because she was an amazing teacher and now she is leaving too” — Gwyneth Glanton

“Coach Brown, she really showed she cared and treated me like an adult” — Adam Matthews

“Mrs. Frenzel!” — Catherine McKisic

“All of my math teachers because they have been amazing mentors and have taught me so many important life lessons that I will carry with me forever” — Miranda Lutterbei

“Mr. Pollone because he’s super supportive and came to most of the soccer games” — Sam Coad

“Mrs. Lawrence because she is the sweetest person ever and introduced me to art” — Sadie Riestenberg

“Ira Sherrill because he is the best teacher I’ve ever had and has prepared me for college” — Addison Eads

“Mr. Henderson because he always put up with me and was a great teacher” — Nancy Benitez

“Mrs. Karbs because she’s lowkey my mom and I love her” — Preslie Hutcherson

“Mr. Hinsley, he was everyone’s best friend!!” — Emily McLeod

“Mrs. Strauss, she is the best teacher ever!” — Ethan Barr

“Mr. Wylie, I’ll miss getting yelled at and having my simple name constantly misspelled” — Renee Gomez

“Mrs. Walta because of our talks and she gives good advice” — Raquel Redmon

“Mr. Pike because he has been the most optimistic and fun coach to me, motivating to achieve great things in UIL academics” — Annette Nguyen

Ms. Vancleve, we’re tight like velcro.

— Grant Papazian

“Mr. Kelly, one of the percussion private lesson teachers, because he has been my teacher since 6th grade. I spent 3 of my summer bands with him and I talk to him every time I see him at Starbucks to catch up on life with him. It’s going to be weird walking into a Starbucks and not seeing that familiar face” — Pidge Cheatham

“Mrs. Hazlewood because she made math not terrible” — Tyler Dawson

“Mrs. Hazlewood, she was always so sweet and there to help me with whatever I needed” — Ashlynn Mays

“Mrs. England for always believing in me and being the best teacher all around and being someone to talk to when I was upset or just asking about my day and life” — Chloe Hudson

“Mrs. Sudderth, Mrs. Petkoff, and Mr. Stoeberl” — Natalie Bonner

“Mrs. Reyburn!! She is the kindest person I know, and I love talking to her for hours while we work on projects in ceramics!” — Carol Anne Starks

“Mrs. Strauss because she was the coolest teacher and person” — Bella Whitesell

“I will miss all of my teachers but one of the teachers I will miss the most is Ms. Vara. I only got to have her as my teacher for nine weeks but I loved it! Ms. Vara is so kind and I loved hearing her stories. Her class was a great combination of fun and learning. I will miss her smiling face!” — Victoria Cheshire

“Ms. Lawrence. I’ve known her for almost half my life and she taught me so much about expressing myself and going my own path. Although she is an art teacher, she was the first person to believe in me regarding my creative talents and that helped me develop new talents as well” — Aaron Guerra

“Mrs. Petkoff because she always let me use her microwave” — Destiny Simpson

“Mr. Ramirez ” — I’ve had him for physics for two full years and I will greatly miss having Phun with Phriends” — Katie Mann

“Coach Dibiaso the most because he has been the most fun and caring teacher I have ever had. Going to his class has been the highlight of my high school career” — Delayna Darvin

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