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Remarks: What are your thoughts on wearing masks in school?

Masks are currently a heavily debated topic across the state and at the school. At the most recent school board meeting on Monday, Aug. 30, parents protested masks due to the rising number of COVID cases which have gone from 24 to almost 400 cases in the first three weeks. Past board meetings have also included community members protesting masks. 

Some local districts are challenging Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on mask mandates in a lawsuit and requiring that their schools wear masks.  The Governor’s ban is currently on hold due to the Texas Supreme Court blocking it. 

LISD has stated that they are still “highly encouraging masking in our schools” but has not joined the lawsuit or made a policy mandating masks.

David Hernandez, 11
Katherine Cheshire, 11
Philip Strange, 12
Skylar Cahoone, 11

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