The Giving Season

How to help local nonprofits year round

November 4, 2022

The months of November and December mark the start of an annual surge of donations, a phenomenon known as — the season of giving. The winter holidays arrive consecutively all sharing one universal thing: feeling grateful. Leaving many in the mood to give to charities, food banks and other local organizations receive help from individuals to help those in need. But after the season of giving comes and goes, those same local organizations try to help without their seasonal avalanche of donations. They can’t do it alone. But students can help make up for the difference.

Christian Community Action

‏‏‏‏‎ ‎‎M‎ission statement:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, Christian Community Action ministers to the poor by providing comprehensive services to alleviate suffering, bring hope, and change lives.”

Christian Community Action has been around for 50 years offering a variety of services. Beyond their year round food pantry, they have programs including clothes drives, financial assistance, back to school programs, counseling, job fairs and more. 

Assistant Director of CCA, Thelma Cantu says these programs have been able to do so much work for individuals in the community. 

“There’ve been some pretty sad situations but at the end of it, we see so much hope, so much restoration,” Cantu said. “People’s lives and their families, that’s why we do it every day.” 

Cantu says volunteering can be rewarding for both volunteers and the people CCA helps. 

“It’s amazing to see people that come in and may have a sense of hopelessness or just feel like there’s so many burdens on them,” Cantu said. “And just a little bit of your time and you get so much more out of it than what you get.” 

North Texas Food Bank

‏‏‎ ‎Mission Statement:

To create a hunger-free North Texas through expanding community partnerships.”


For 40 years, the North Texas Food Bank provides help to thousands all throughout the DFW area to make ends meet. The Food Bank itself serves as a storage and distribution center, distributing to other non-profit pantries such as CCA and the Heart of the City.

Senior Manager of Communications Jeff Smith says that anyone who needs help should consider the NTFB. 

“There is no shame in needing help,” Smith said. “And that’s really what we’re all about, helping hands when people need it.”

NTFB volunteer Nancy Levenson says that the volunteers play an irreplaceable role in the function of the food bank.

“They need volunteers,” Levenson said. “Because there’s very few people that are paid to be on the floor, without volunteerism they can’t create the boxes of food for people that need it.

Heart Of The City

Mission Statement:

“To love others, to serve others, and to help others.  When doing all of this, we do it in the name of Jesus.”


Heart of the City Lewisville is a charity centered on a Christian faith that’s served the Lewisville community for three years and has grown to five locations, as of November. 

They receive food donations from people in the community, North Texas Food Bank and from grocery stores such as Walmart and Kroger. All to guarantee they have enough food for their bins of food that remain outside 24/7.

President/CEO Robert Veal says their food pantry all starts at building a relationship with the people who walk through the doors. 

“The first thing is to love other people, no matter who they are, no matter where they’re from,” Veal said. “No matter what the situation, we don’t ask them for their checkbook.”

Veal says students can help in a specific way by bringing in a needed valuable commodity. 

“We’d love it if everybody at Marcus brought a box of cereal,” Veal said. “Cereal is a huge thing…everyone eats cereal. You’ve got to have Captain Crunch.”

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