Bath bombs to be sold during lunches on Valentine’s Day


Maya Hernandez

The bath bombs were all handmade by students in the German and American Partnership Program last week. The bath bombs come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes.

Anyone that needs a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift can skip the long lines for chocolate and flowers, because students in the German and American Partnership Program will be selling handmade bath bombs tomorrow in the commons during all lunches. The bath bombs, which were made using ingredients such as scented essential oils, will cost between $3 and $7 depending on their size. They are also buy two get one free.

The GAPP students are hoping to raise between $100 and $200 tomorrow. All proceeds will go towards their trip to Germany in June. 

“We all got together at one person’s house and we made a whole bunch of bath bombs,”  junior and GAPP member Brianna Clary said. “Previous groups have done it in the past, and they made some decent money on it, so we decided to do it this year.”

According to Clary, the total cost for the flight is about $2,000, and students will have to pay for whatever is left over after fundraising. They began planning ways to raise money at the end of the last semester. In addition to selling the bath bombs, the group has wrapped gifts at Barnes and Noble and had a Chipotle fundraiser. 

“We already had our exchange students come live with us for two weeks, and now we get to go live with them for two or three weeks,” Clary said. “I actually got my first job so I’d be able to pay for this trip. So that’s why I’m also doing the fundraiser too, because I have to work to earn the money.”

All of the students going on the trip have taken at least one German class, and while they’ve learned about the country’s culture and language in the classroom, Clary is excited to get the chance to experience everything firsthand. 

“It’s just really cool,” Clary said. “I know it’s going to be a great experience being there in Germany, being not only surrounded by the language, but the culture [as well].”