Rundown of the new changes on campus

Overview of all the renovations the school went through over the summer.

Emily Lundell

Over the summer, the school experienced multiple changes, including a new principal, a parking lot remodel, schedule modifications and interior renovations.

The parking lot was leveled out, repaved, and reoriented to include staff parking on a lower level near the school, and student senior parking on a second level closer to Morriss made accessible by the addition of stairs.

The district updated the upstairs A, B, C and D hall classrooms with new laminate floors, fresh paint and bulletin boards built into the walls. Next summer, new doors and similar renovations will take place downstairs. Assistant principal Jason Mullin is complimentary of the remodel, and eager for the changes next year.

“It just added a really fresh, clean look to the hallways,” Mullin said.

Emily Lundell

Senior Nina Ferreyra agrees that the upstairs looks a lot better, however she thinks that the school may have sacrificed comfort for convenience.

“I noticed that the placement of the classes is different,” Ferreyra said. “I like that they took out the gross carpet, but it makes the classroom seem a bit unwelcoming.”

Other interior renovations include the auditorium remodel, which is expected to be completed by mid-September. The auditorium is gaining a new black and grey paint job, new chairs, a ramp at the side of the stage, a new LCD projector and updated stage lighting.

“[The auditorium remodel]  is probably going to be the biggest change,” Mullin said. “It’s going to look really sharp.”

The change to the school year calendar is now matching neighboring districts. The beginning of the first semester in mid-August, and ending the first semester in tandem with winter break has allowed finals to be held before the two-week break from school. However, the new schedule produced changed the summer.

“We had a shorter summer, so we only had 2 weeks for summer band,” senior Ashlyn Bruns said. “That was a little difficult for us.”

Emily Lundell

Every new school year involves the hiring of new staff, but the addition of the new principal, Will Skelton, marks the beginning of a new legacy. Skelton was the former Flower Mound ninth grade campus principal and is succeeding Gary Shafferman as principal at Marcus.

Mullin encourages students really need to get to know Mr. Skelton.

“The first discussions we had when he was first hired were ‘what can we do to make things better for the students,” Mullin said.