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New Confederate monument committee makes its debut

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Denton County Commissioners Court has created the Denton County Confederate Monument Committee research the monument. They are considering moving the statue or keeping it where it is but adding historical context. On Thurs. Jan 11, a public forum was held to get public input, and another public forum will be held Thurs. Jan 18 and 25.

Denton Square’s Confederate Soldiers monument has been in Denton Square since 1918, and serves as a monument to Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. The statue stands facing the southern lawn of the historic Denton courthouse, a place that once served as the location for enlistment to the Confederate army. The statue was founded by the Daughters of Confederacy Katie Daffan chapter. It’s believed to be constructed by the McNeel Marble and Granite company. It costed $5,000 originally – $80,200 in today’s dollars.

The statue and Denton County Courthouse are considered a Texas Archaeological Site and is registered as a Texas Historic Landmark. To remove the statue, the city would need approval by the Texas Historical Commission.

The inscription on the statue reads: “Erected by the Daughters of the Confederacy. In memory of our confederate soldiers, who in heroic self-sacrifice and devoted loyalty gave their manhood and their lives to the south in her hour of need.”

A plaque next to the statue reads “The monument stands as a reminder of historic events and is intended as a memorial to Denton County citizens who sacrificed themselves for the community. Now let this be a testimony that God created all men equal with certain inalienable rights. We are all one, citizens of Denton County”.


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New Confederate monument committee makes its debut