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Tailored to her dreams

Junior unveils collection at fashion show

Editor’s note: This story won excellent for print entertainment features in the 2022 TAJE Best in Texas contest.

Decorations of gold, green and purple filled the Mardi Gras themed restaurant, Mrs. Lively’s Cajun Konnection. People settled in to enjoy their entrees, eager for the show to begin.

Junior Jordan Thompson’s heart raced as she tried to keep her head up high. Not far away, her mom quieted the restaurant, and introduced her daughter.

Jordan thanked the people who had helped her and invited her audience to enjoy her original fashion pieces. Nine models walked in, displaying Jordan’s debut collection, “Petals of Rosé.”

Her fabrics were rich shades of pink, red and burgundy. They flowed as the models walked, flaunting the variety in her work.

Junior Lora Swindle displays “The Pink Peony.” The three tiered skirt is made of a light pink chiffon and tulle. The satin bodice has a patterned tulle overlay covered in flowers. (Photo submitted by Jordan Thompson.)

The first model emerged in a light pink dress covered in delicate roses. The tulle skirt fell in layers with the longest ending at her ankles. She wore matching pink heels decorated with flowers. A dark red eyeshadow tied the look together.

Another model wore a maroon dress as she strutted around the restaurant. Pieces of sequin fabric fell to her sides, framing the dress as the fabric swept around her.

The next model circled the restaurant wearing a floor length pink ball gown that sparkled as it swirled. Over her shoulder, she wore a sash made up of fabrics from every other piece in the collection bringing the whole show together.

• • •

Jordan had set out to create her own fashion show after she realized her passion and talent in designing and creating clothes.
Her sewing history started with her work on the school’s production of “Seussical” her freshman year. She learned the basics of sewing and how to use a pattern, feeling pride as she showed the costume designer her first sleeve.

Since then, Jordan’s knowledge has grown significantly. She dealt with quarantine boredom by creating a long, flowy colonial pink and white dress with lacy detailing. Jordan spent the next few months improving her skills through trial and error.

“I am a bit of a competitive person, and I am always … trying to find ways to improve myself,” Jordan said.

As Jordan’s dedication to her art grew, her parents were quick to get involved. Her dad took photos of her dresses and her mom supported her with ideas, and frequently found different supplies for Jordan to experiment with.

Senior Hunter Fields poses in “The Bouquet.” The glitter engrained fabric is a blend of cotton and chiffon. (Photo submitted by Jordan Thompson)

Jordan became interested in a summer internship at Casa Mañana, a theatre program in Fort Worth, and was invited to create costumes for the show “Bonnie and Clyde.” She worked on jobs like hand sticking hidden seams or serging pattern pieces, learning from experienced teachers.

She’s also designed for the past two years for the school’s theatre program.

She created costumes for shows like “Picnic.” This year she is the costume designer for “Little Shop of Horrors,” which is her first time in a leadership role.

“It’s a fun time because I’m trying to figure out how to lead people,” Jordan said.

• • •

During the summer, Jordan’s mom approached her with the idea of creating a collection for a fashion show. At first, Jordan wasn’t sure if she could handle the challenge, but on the way to the fabric store, she was overwhelmed with ideas.

She immediately went home to sketch and plan for her show that suddenly came to life in her mind.

“It was kind of magical,” Jordan said.

Quickly her ideas expanded, and soon she was designing and planning an elaborate show.

“So it started out with five designs, and then it went to seven, and then some people came over and then it was nine,” Jordan said.

Jordan’s designs are colorful and dynamic, inspired by her fascination with flowers.

“Each flower has its own shape, its own little personality in and of itself,” Jordan said.

Junior Elli Scheinman models a dress called “The Queen of the Night Tulips.” This piece is made of a silk blend and burgundy sequins. (Photo submitted by Jordan Thompson)

When finding models, she reached out to her theatre class. One of her classmates, senior Hunter Fields tried on one of the pieces for the collection during a fitting. “The Bouquet” is an elegant ball gown. The pink fabric laid over a hoop skirt swayed as she walked, and the sparkly details in the fabric shined through.

Fields’ demeanor changed as she strutted around the room. She said she felt honored to display the piece.

“I loved it. I literally felt like a princess,” Fields said. “Even walking in it, I was like, ‘yes, this is cool.’”

In that moment, Jordan knew she had accomplished what she had set out to do.

“It was the absolute delight in her eyes. Like walking around in something I made that really touched me,” Jordan said.

• • •

On the day of her show, Jordan began adding finishing touches to her pieces. By 2 p.m. they were on their way to the restaurant to get set up.

During the show, the audience watched in awe as the models strutted around the venue, showing off Jordan’s hard work.

Jordan visited every table, taking pictures and thanking them for their support. Her brother gave her flowers, and she was visited by an old teacher. Mainly, Jordan said she felt proud of herself for accomplishing her goal.

“The fashion show is one way for me to show what I’m passionate about, but also show that I guess I’m worthy of loving myself in a way because I am showing who I am through my clothes,” Jordan said.

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