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April 21, 2023

LISD introduced the Elementary Rover Patrol Program this year, which rotates officers between elementary schools. A new tip line was also created for elementary school families to report suspicious activity and safety concerns.

School Board Member Shiela Taylor said that as a parent, increased police presence on elementary campuses is the most important precaution to her.

“We always had somewhat of a presence, but we didn’t have the assigned school resource officers,” Taylor said. “And now we work with all of the local cities.”

Karen Dooley has two kids in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary. She said that she trusts LISD to prioritize her children’s safety.

“I think they’ve had lots of meetings, used lots of…research to develop protocols to keep our kids safe,” Dooley said.

Parent Kristi David has two high school students and one elementary schooler. She said that she is saddened by the need for police officers to monitor today’s schools.

“I trust those police officers, but I also think it’s incredibly sad…that we have to live in a state where police have to constantly be with our young children,” David said.

David said that she understands locking exterior doors, but does not see the point in locking classroom doors.

“While I understand the need to go to the point where you’re trying to protect your kids, the fact that you guys are going to school behind locked doors inside the building?” David said. “Jeez. It’s a prison.”


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