Emergency Response

April 21, 2023

LISD currently observes the Standard Response Protocol as its emergency response plan. It refers to five courses of action in an emergency: secure, lockdown, evacuate, shelter or hold.

In the case of an active shooter inside the school, students and staff should engage the lockdown option.

The district also teaches Avoid, Deny, Defend, a strategy to help teachers avoid the shooter, deny their entrance into the classroom and finally defend students.

Students and teachers are trained to comply with the Standard Response Protocol through regular lockdown drills.

“I think those are smart also,” Mestanza said. “Because when we actually have to end up doing those, the real life situation, we’ll know what to do.”

To Mahns, the best thing the district can do is continue open communication with the students.

“I think just checking in and making sure that we feel safe, and assuring us that they have a plan,” Mahns said.

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