September 29, 2020

Like virtual choir, the virtual orchestra learns material that is specific to their musical ability. Though all of the virtual students are taught in the same period, the period is split into three 15 minute sections with one period for each of the major orchestras — Philharmonic, Sinfonia and Chamber. The students learn the music that the in-person students do, and complete playing assignments.

Orchestra Director Allison Washler executes beats and tempos. (Brooke Luther)

The orchestra has also been working on music for its fall concert. Like choir, Orchestra Director Allison Washler is planning on having students pre-record the program instead of having an in person concert, which will be available on a virtual platform.

“It’s just a great way to be able to hold a concert without having to risk anybody getting sick,” sophomore and cello player William Cleland said. “It also provides a great way for people who weren’t able to attend the concert in person to be able to [listen to] the concert later.”

The orchestra is also exploring music history and theory in class. Each week, the students read about an aspect of music theory and take a quiz on it, which gives them a chance to expand their musical knowledge.

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