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Lady Marauders lose in a thriller to Flower Mound

After a hard fought battle, the Lady Marauders lose the rival Jaguars

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Varsity volleyball took on cross town rival, Flower Mound, Friday night, Sept. 15, losing by one set.

Out of the five sets played, Marcus won the first and fourth. But the Lady Jaguars, with a 13-11 record, stole the win from the Marauders.

In preparation for the rivalry game, Marcus scouted their opponents to understand the way they would play.

Lady Marauder coach, Sarah Dekeyser, who coaches softball and volleyball, believes that although is was a rivalry game, all games should be treated the same.

“We prepared like we prepare for any other game. We always tell our girls, it doesn’t matter who we are playing,” Dekeyser said.

Sophomore Maddie Meiner understands how important preparing for games like this is.

“Coach always tells us to study it like a test,” Meiner said.

During the game, anywhere from 80-100 people filled the stands and cheered for the players. But Dekeyser said the fans may have also distracted the team.

“I wouldn’t change anything about the game, but to help the girls stay focused in the pressure situations,” Dekeyser said.

After any mistake, the players on the bench supported the team throughout the game. Lorraine Perez, a junior on the team, noticed the constant support.

“Every time someone made a mistake, the team cheered them on, telling them they’ll get the next one” Perez said.

According to sophomore Camryn Upshaw, the 4th set of the game was the most intense. The said the energy peaked, and the team came together. But in the fifth set the Flower Mound to take the lead.

“I wish we had more energy at the beginning of the game, like we did at the ending,” Upshaw said.

Dekeyser said her team had plans to go out and play to the best of their abilities. Even though they lost, she said they played their hearts out the entire time.

“My expectations for the game were to know that no matter what happens we need to just play as a team,” Meiner said. “This game has been one of the best of the season because of the way we played.”

The score was neck-and-neck the entire game, but after a hard fought battle the Jaguars pulled out the win. Upshaw said the Lady Marauders learned from the loss.

“This game was our 3rd game in districts, and it was a turning point of our competitiveness,” Upshaw said.


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Lady Marauders lose in a thriller to Flower Mound