Tennis continues undefeated season


Intensity fills the hot air around each of the Marcus tennis players on the court. Junior Ben Wegendt and Junior David Wittcower stands on one side of the net, Flower Mound on the opposite side. “Go Marcus! We are beast!” Wittcower yells, maybe at the opposing team, maybe to his teammate Wegendt, maybe to no one at all. His call echoes through all eight Marcus tennis courts, and then soon is answered by cheers from students and parents alike on the sidelines. 

    This year’s 10 – 0 winning streak can be attributed to changes in practices, and the logistics of the team. The team has 12 seniors this year in addition to two Super Champs; Sophomore Sebastiean Langdon and Freshman Preethi Kasilingam. Although this is her first year, Kasilingam is already ranked number one on the team in “Challenge Matches,” mini competitions where teammates play against each other for ranks on the team. Teammate’s participation is summer training camps have also strengthened the team. Senior Jordan McDaniel said the team has had “lots of doubles practice, cause that’s what we need the most.”

            Marcus beat Flower Mound 18 – 1, in a tournament during which two tennis rackets were broken.

            “The team is a lot better this year then we’ve had in the past. Everyone seems to be really into it,” McDaniel said.