Pep rallies to be held virtually


Tara Connick

The first virtual pep rally of the year will be this Friday, Sept. 25.

Student council will be hosting the first pep rally of the year online this Friday. In-person students will watch the virtual pep rally during Marauder Time, while Virtual and Virtual Plus students will be emailed a link. 

According to student council sponsor Gina Karbs, the pep rally will start with the national anthem and include routines by the cheerleaders and Marquettes. Fall sport captains will also speak during the event, which will have a patriotic theme.

Karbs is doing her best to make this pep rally seem like any other.

Many schools are unable to have pep rallies due to COVID-19, so the cheerleaders are excited to have the opportunity to perform, according to head cheer coach Brittanee Brown.  

“They love those routines, so they were really sad at the thought of not being able to even have any routines this year,” Brown said. “So it’s just a way for not only the student body but for everyone to be excited.”

Each group filmed their part, and all the videos were put together by MOB, the school’s broadcast organization. The staff received video clips from each group involved with the pep rally on Sept. 15 and edited them to create the virtual pep rally in two days. Senior and MOB executive producer Alyena Gilani worked on the majority of the video. 

A screenshot from the virtual pep rally shows the cheerleaders performing a routine while wearing face coverings. (Alyena Gilani)

“I thought we did really well considering it was everybody’s first time,” Gilani said. “I feel like everybody really dedicated themselves to the project.” 

This year, the school plans to have two additional pep rallies for the Mound Showdown and Battle of the Axe.

“It’s a good alternative to be able to celebrate and recognize the sports that are in season right now, and  help show our Marauder pride, since we can’t do it in a traditional way,” Karbs said.