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October in hashtags

Briefs on the trending hashtags over the past month.

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Brett Kavanaugh was elected as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States on Oct. 6, which sparked debate among American citizens because he was accused by Christine Blasey Ford, this accusation created further debate over his ability to be a Supreme Court Justice. People protested because he was sworn into the Supreme Court despite the accusation. Others believed that it was fair that Kavanaugh was elected to the position because no evidence was found to prove the accusations.



The demand for the rights and protection of transgender citizens gained force after it was announced that the Trump administration might begin defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by sex upon birth. The announcement caused transgender people and allies to rally together to protest for equal treatment, as well as the ability to use the dorms, bathrooms, etc that correlate to the gender they identify as. Many trans citizens, especially those of the younger generation, took to social media platforms to raise awareness of the protests and debates.



The 2018 World Series recently finished, with the fifth and final game played on Oct. 28. The Boston Red Sox of the American League and the LA Dodgers of the National League are playing to claim the title of 2018 World Series Champions. The Red Sox won after accomplishing their fourth win in the seven-game series, making this year the ninth World Series win in team history.



The app TikTok, which recently merged with the lip sync app, became increasingly popular in the past month. The app allows users from around the world to create and share short music videos as well as participate in live broadcasts. The creations of TikTok’s users have extended beyond the app, popping up on other social media platforms. The app can be downloaded for free on iPhones and Androids in 34 different languages.

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October in hashtags