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Sweet as pie

Rating pies at Buttermilk Sky Pie
Sweet as pie

As fall approaches, one dessert comes to everyone’s mind. Pie. But between school, work and extracurriculars, no one has time to make a pie. Swooping in to fill the growing want of these delicious desserts, is Buttermilk Sky Pies. I took it upon myself to rate this shop’s most popular pies.


When I strolled into this quaint, small store, I immediately felt at home. The minute I stepped in, I was greeted with the sweet smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.  The wooden floors and shelves give it a small town feel, and from the blackberry jams and pumpkin spiced butters in mason jars to the decorative mugs and shirts around the shop, the store reminded me of a local farmers market. Though it doesn’t carry an extensive menu, the pies I found here are some of the best and are perfect for any occasion. 

I-40 – 2.9/5

Specific to Buttermilk Sky Pie, like black licorice, this one is loved by some and hated by others. Its bursting pecans, coconut, and chocolate chips are surrounded by a simple pie crust. From the outside, this pie was easily the most unusual. Pecans and chocolate chips pop up through the filling, not unlike the floating apples you see when you go bobbing for apples. The coconut gave the top a bumpy, textured look, while the crust surrounded it in a smooth ring, making it look like the Frankenstein of pies.


After I cut my slice, I noticed the pie’s incredibly gummy consistency. The first thing I noticed when I took a bite was the crunchiness of the pecans. I tasted the sweetness coming from the coconut and chocolate chips, and an almost overly sweet nutty aftertaste, making me feel a bit like a squirrel hiding yummy nuts for later. Because I’ve never particularly enjoyed chocolate chips in pie, I can’t say I was a huge fan, but I can see its appeal to others. 

Granny’s apple – 4/5

When I think of a fall pie, this one usually comes to mind after the Thanksgiving go-to, pumpkin pie. This classic apple pie is full of cinnamon and Granny Smith apples, making it feel exactly like a pie a grandmother would make. The mounds of streusel on top give it a bubbly look, and the topping is crumbly, making it difficult to eat without making a mess. 


However, its taste made me want to get up and square dance. It crunched before breaking apart and melting in my mouth. Once past the streusel topping, I discovered the bites of sliced apple hidden underneath. The freshness of the apples complemented the sweetness of the cinnamon, and kept the pie from being too sweet. I easily could have eaten the whole thing without feeling sugar sick. It all felt like scary movies, pumpkin carving, and corn mazes baked into a delicious pie.

Key Lime – 4.5/5

I admit to having a bias here, since key lime pie has always been my favorite. Predictably, I loved this one, since it is the epitome of a classic Key Lime pie. The top was decorated neatly, with a ring of whipped cream surrounding the smooth filling. The filling held its shape nicely and the crust was dry and crumbly. As The Great British Baking Show star, Paul Hollywood, would say, “No soggy bottoms here!” The lime flavor didn’t hold back, and I got the perfect amount of tang to complement the sweet whipped cream. I was left with a tart aftertaste that lingered in my mouth, making me want to get down on one knee and ask for this pie’s hand in marriage. This is a classic key lime pie and is guaranteed to be a favorite at any occasion.



Chocolate cream – 4.5/5

Prepare for a delicious mess with this pie! It had a rich chocolate cream filling, a chocolate crust, and beautiful whipped cream piped all over the top. Though it was rather difficult to serve a pie filled with soft cream, the trouble was worth it. This pie was the adult version of the dirt cups I made in elementary school, with chocolate pudding, Oreo crumbles, and a gummy worm on top. The chocolate came through strongly and gave it a rich flavor that would go delightfully with a coffee. The chocolate crust added to the richness of the pie, and all together it melted in my mouth instantly. Once past the messiness, this was delicious and filling. 


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