Homebound Halloween


Madi Olivier

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween when stuck at home.

With Halloween quickly approaching, many are wondering how to safely celebrate and enjoy the holiday. Even though most of the usual festivities cannot take place due to physical distancing, there are still many ways to enjoy Halloween with family and friends from the comfort of your own home.

Carve pumpkins

Carving Jack-O-Lanterns is a fun and easy activity that can light up Halloween. Pumpkins and carving kits are available at grocery stores, which are likely a more pandemic-friendly way to get your hands on one than crowded pumpkin patches. Video call a friend and chat over carving and pumpkin guts. Or, if knives aren’t your thing, try printing a stencil to trace onto the pumpkin. You can find hundreds of them online.

Have a movie marathon 

“Nightmare on Elm Street” to “Coraline,” are two great choices for movies you can watch on Halloween night. Maybe even watch “Halloween” on Halloween! Netflix Party with friends or video call during the movie to scream at the jumpscares and laugh at the funny moments together. Or, if you’re more of a retro kind of person you can always tune in to the cable channels that often play Halloween movies this time of year. Or even get that VHS player and tapes out of the attic. Don’t forget to stock up on Halloween candy at the grocery store.

Decorate your house

Whether it be a pumpkin at your doorstep or a full-on haunted mansion, decorating your house Halloween style is a perfect way to get into the spooky spirit. Add a skeleton or two, maybe some fake spiders for pranking your family. Autumn scented candles are the perfect touch. The entire house will smell of baking pumpkin bread or the crisp fall air.

Dress up

Whether you prefer to buy a costume or make one yourself, dressing up is a timeless way to celebrate Halloween. Throw a virtual costume party with friends or take some Instagram pictures in the backyard. Another fun idea is to hop on the social media ghost trend with just a bedsheet and a camera. You can add some sunglasses, a hat or your favorite shoes to your classic ghost costume to take your look to the next level.