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With the rise of Netflix’s popularity, subscribers have been treated to an abundance of original series and movies. In January, Netflix added a ton of new and old TV shows and movies to add to our to-watch lists. With an increased variety of shows, there is one for almost everybody. Before the binging begins, find out which Netflix original series you are most like!

What is your go to movie theater snack?

a. M&Ms

b. Extra buttered popcorn

c. Hot dog

d. Sour patch kids


What is your favorite movie series?

a. Star Wars

b. The Conjuring Series

c. Indiana Jones

d. Harry Potter


Where do you watch Netflix?

a. On your phone while studying

b. On the couch eating a midnight snack

c. In the car on a road trip

d. Laying in bed under the covers in pajamas  


You open Netflix after a long day. What genre are you looking for?

a. Fantasy

b. Mystery

c. Action/adventure

d. Comedy


How long is your usual Netflix binge?

a. One hour

b. Two to three hours

c. 10 hours

d. 30 minutes


How often do you watch Netflix?

a. 24/7

b. Whenever there’s free time

c. On the weekends

d. A couple days a week


Who is your favorite Netflix original character?

a. Jim Hopper (Stranger Things)

b. Queen Elizabeth II (The Crown)

c. Kelly (Black Mirror: San Junipero)

d. Kimmy Schmidt (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)


Mostly A’s

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Sabrina is a darker twist on the classic 90s sitcom, and was created by the same team behind Riverdale. You are the embodiment of everything dark and mysterious, but you still manage to have a lightness that makes you very easy and entertaining to be around. You are very keen on self-preservation but you still value all of your relationships. When it comes to your friendships, you tend to favor a few close friends over large groups of people, but those close friends would stand by you through everything. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the perfect show for you to watch with friends in anticipation for Halloween.


Mostly B’s

The Haunting of Hill House: The Haunting of Hill House is a horror series that follows the Crane family and the demons that they carry with them after living in the Hill House. The show plays out as an interactive puzzle, constantly giving clues to the mystery you have to solve as the viewer. You’re very curious about seemingly everything, and you love finding solutions to problems and trying to figure out different situations. The Haunting of Hill House is the perfect show for you to binge and you try to solve the mysteries of the Crane family and the infamous Hill House.


Mostly C’s

Maniac: Maniac follows two people – played by Emma Stone and Jonah Hill – who become patients in a pharmaceutical trial. The effects of the drug take them on wild adventures that change with each episode. You are very adventurous and outgoing. You love exploring new ideas and possibilities, even if they aren’t always the best decision. People flock to your outgoing nature, and you’re constantly planning your next activity. This miniseries is the perfect way to live out your daring adventure fantasies from the safety of your own home.


Mostly D’s

Queer Eye: Queer Eye is a reboot of a popular makeover show from the 2000s where five gay men makeover the lives of various groups of people. The show has become a pop culture sensation, with the Fab Five becoming instant stars. You’re just a bundle of joy that everyone loves to be around! You’re easy for people to open up to, so many see you as their own personal therapist. You tend to put people’s needs before your own because you pour your heart and soul into your relationships with others. So gather your own “Fab Five” and marathon the whole series.