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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

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1. Signature tree

This tree is definitely classy and more traditional, involving glittering lights and the widely used sparkling ball ornaments, along with ribbons artfully wrapped around as extra decoration. With this type of decor, you stick to one or two colors with a simple light setup, and the Christmas tree radiates traditional holiday cheer.
This type of tree is set up every year in Dallas’ Galleria mall. It’s in the middle of an ice skating rink that family, friends and couples skate around to celebrate the Christmas season. The tree is 95 ft tall and has 10,000 ball ornaments of red, gold and white.

2. Colorful and dramatic

This is fun and eye catching, and you can use as many bright colors as you want. The ornaments used are unique and colorful favorites among many families, keeping the Christmas tree bright and fun. Family made ornaments or homemade ornaments usually fit into this theme as well.
Lights can be multi-colored, flashing or just classic. The decorations used are a variety of mismatched colors and holiday spirit thrown together to create a beautiful centerpiece for the living room. This brings a warm and fun aura to a Christmas morning with family, and will usually remind families of Christmases past—an ornament that has hung on the tree since you were born or one that you made in third grade could all be topics of conversation. There can be so many personal memories that are attached to sentimental or homemade ornaments.

3. Marcus tree

You can always use signature red, white and silver, or maybe even lanyards as ornaments. Lots of red tinsel, silver icicles, and red ball ornaments. To top it off, a big M on the top of the tree would show just how spirited you really are. Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating a tree for the Christmas season.

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree