La La Land review

After a record breaking sweep at the Golden Globes, La La Land has taken center stage of this awards season. This musical reminiscent of classic Hollywood stars Emma Stone, who plays Mia, an aspiring actress, and Ryan Gosling who plays a jazz pianist named Sebastian. The film takes the audience through up and downs in the pair’s career and relationship, all interspersed with the occasional musical number.

The movie opens as any musical would – spontaneous singing, bright colors and coordinated dancing. Right away, the movie demonstrates its ability to blend a modern style of film with classic elements of old Hollywood musicals. Stone’s retro dresses and Gosling’s 1987 Buick convertible perfectly reflect the story of two artists inspired by classic Hollywood and striving for success in modern day.

The most notable aspect throughout the movie is the music. Each song is filled with dreamy melodies which are accompanied by a dance. The songs perfectly showcase both Stone and Gosling’s voices. Although they are primarily actors, the singing and dancing reflects the work of seasoned professionals.

Gosling’s character plays a musician stuck in the golden age of jazz. His jazz piano playing evokes a sense of wonder, and stays with viewers long after the movie has ended. Gosling attempts to stop classic jazz from disappearing, and the piano pieces in this successfully give it a new life.

La La Land successfully utilizes Los Angeles as the backdrop for the story of a pair of dreamers. Everything from the cinematography to the singing and choreography work in unison to tell a the love story of ambitious artists.