Marquee Predicts Grammy Winners

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Each year, the best in the music industry gather for one night to see who really ruled the radio and will take home the Grammy. This Sunday, millions of Americans will tune into watch who will receive such a prestigious award and will join the likes of Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, and other music legends.  In anticipation for the Grammys, I picked my favorite artists and albums from six different categories.


Record of the Year


Shake It Off, Taylor Swift

Last summer, Taylor Swift’s single, Shake It Off, shook its way into our hearts and became the anthem of the nation. This fun, upbeat song was the beginning of a new age for the young artist. Gone was the shy country singer and in her place stood a bold and confident pop artist. Throughout the year, Shake It Off, as well as other songs off of her fifth album, 1989, collected praise from not only fans, but also from people who had cast off Swift as an over emotional girl with a string of ex boyfriends (myself included). Because of my own change of mind when it comes to Taylor Swift, she deserves to take home this Grammy.



Album of the Year


In The Lonely Hour, Sam Smith

A newcomer to the pop scene in 2014, Sam Smith definitely wasn’t afraid to take a bold step forward into the music industry. His debut album, The Lonely Hour perfectly displays his powerful, soulful voice. While songs like Stay With Me show off his incredible and bold falsetto, other tracks like Money On My Mind exhibit Smith’s ability to shake things up and create music that is strong and upbeat. All and all, Smith is an incredibly diverse artist who contains an abundance of talent. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this young man walk away with his first Grammy on Sunday.



Song of the Year


Take Me to Church, Hoizer

Take Me to Church is a brilliant and masterful song that soared into the charts this past year. A newcomer to the music industry, Hozier’s intelligent lyrics combined with skillful composition created an instant hit that won’t be forgotten anytime soon and made sure that all eye’s would be on the talented young artist as we all look forward to his debut album. For it’s sophisticated lyrics that highlight hypocrisy in society as well as a beautifully orchestrated instrumental, Take Me to Church deserves a Grammy for Song of the Year.




Best New Artist



Big things are to be expected from this trio of sisters, who have been compared to Fleetwood Mac. In 2014 they picked up big crowds at festivals such as Coachella and Glastonbury and rocked their way into the hearts of fans all over the globe. Their debut album, Days Are Gone, is filled tracks that are influenced by 90’s rock and R&B, but also contain a fresh sound that is hard to put a box around. It is the diversity of the album and the talent of these sisters, seen in songs such as the The Wire and My Song 5 that make Haim my pick for Best New Artist. Even if Haim doesn’t take home a Grammy, they will definitely be making a mark on 2015 through a presumed second album release and world tour, as well as confirmed tour dates with Taylor Swift.



Best Pop Vocal Album


Ghost Stories, Coldplay

Six albums later and 19 years since the start of their career, Coldplay still has what is takes to win a Grammy. Like all of their previous albums, Ghost Stories is a timeless masterpiece that is filled with songs created with care. Those who have only heard A Sky Full Of Stars have only glimpsed into the album’s brilliance, for track after track, Chris Martin successfully portrays heartache in the most beautiful and sincere of ways. Ghost Stories might stick out like a sore thumb because of their melancholy sound, but I think because of how well written the album is as a whole, it deserves to take home the Grammy.



Best Alternative Music Album


This All Yours,  Alt-J

Alt-J’s long anticipated sophomore album, This All Yours, surpassed the expectations of fans of their first album, An Awesome Wave. This album solidified the band’s unique sound, a melody of electronic beat and calming keys. Songs such as Left Hand Free, which picked up radio play over the summer, and Hunger of the Pine, a track that picked up buzz through it’s captivating and somewhat gruesome music video, attracted new audiences to the band. Because of their bold sounds and masterfully composed melodies, Alt-J deserves to take home this Grammy.

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