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LISD postpones in-person classes

Superintendent Dr. Kevin Rogers announces LISD's plan to delay in-person learning until Sept. 8 in a video released by the district.

Madi Olivier

July 29, 2020

In-person learning will be delayed until at least Sept. 8 throughout the district. All students, including those who signed up for in-person or virtual plus learning, will start their classes remotely on Aug. 19.  Senior and student body president Morgan Zimmerman said she respects the district’s dec...

LISD to offer in-person and virtual classes

The district is currently planning on allowing students to choose between in-person and virtual classes for the upcoming school year.

Madi Olivier and Shriya Mukkavilli

July 13, 2020

LISD is planning to offer both in-person and virtual learning options for the upcoming school year, which starts on Aug. 19. The start date was pushed back a week to give the district time for online training and technical preparation. Parents will be able to begin deciding which learning option they want...

Photos: Celebrating spring sports

Junior and water polo player Maddie Felan celebrates for her senior teammates by holding up a water polo sign.

Adriana Pueskens

May 20, 2020

Students celebrated the spring sports seniors, whose last seasons were canceled due to COVID-19, on May 19 with a drive through parade in the student parking lot.

Crafts for a cause

Junior Maddie Felan (left) recently started the non-
profit organization All in for Children with her brother, Nick Felan (center), and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Garcia Creighton (right). The group sews masks for children in hospitals.

Adriana Pueskens

April 28, 2020

Similar to many students in quarantine, junior Maddie Felan has been keeping herself busy with new projects. However, instead of spending her free time finding new hobbies, she’s decided to create a non-profit organization called All in for Children to help make masks for kids in hospitals. While...

Surviving quarantine boredom

Students are taking part in a wide range of activities, from walking to baking, yo stay entertained during quarantine.

Ayra Charania

April 28, 2020

The Marquee asked four students how they were staying busy during quarantine. Here's what they had to say:

Editorial: COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t be blamed on race

Marquee Staff

April 27, 2020

Ever since the coronavirus entered the United States, it has forced widespread closures and caused drastic changes. With the outbreak affecting life as we know it, some have used the place of origin of the virus as a reason to act racist towards Asian Americans, specifically by using phras...

Beyond the location

Junior Maggie Ku's father, who also experienced the SARS outbreak, says the lockdown caused by COVID-19 has been significantly more strict relative to regulations during the SARS outbreak. He has been unable to leave his house except to grab essential items like food and water and has had to have his temperature checked at every building he enters.

Ayra Charania

April 27, 2020

Junior Maggie Ku sat in her classroom, listening to her friends’ conversation while working on her assignment. They were discussing how the Corona beer stock dropped when the topic of coronavirus came up. While filling in her answers, Maggie faintly heard one of her friends whisper to the othe...

Texas governor reopens retail businesses

The Flower Mound Sally Beauty Supply posts flyers announcing changes being made due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 21.

Ayra Charania

April 27, 2020

Texas coronavirus cases peaked on April 22 — April 26, with zero shortages in hospital beds, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Additionally, the state is projected to have 957 COVID-19 deaths by Aug. 4. In consideration of these projections, Gov. Greg Abbott plans to slowly reopen businesses. Abbott allowed retail businesses to offer ...

Marquettes postpone auditions, spring show due to COVID-19

Senior Marquette officer Bella Fortino leads her line onto the field to greet the players at the start of the Sept. 13 football game. The Marquettes recently decided to postpone their annual spring show and auditions in response to COVID-19.

Madi Olivier

April 5, 2020

The Marquettes are one of the many groups on campus that have had to cancel their spring activities, including their auditions for next year’s team. The tryouts were originally going to be held on April 7, but the group is hoping to reschedule them for a later date.  “You have a picture in your head of what it's goin...

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